Love Cameroon EP Vol 1

We Promote

Promote and to strengthen the sense of belonging of cameroonians to one nation through works of art in general and music in particular…

We Reinforce

To promote and reinforce respect for the republican institutions through the artistic works…

We Organise

Organise non-profit artistic and cultural events to promote patriotism, nation unity, peace and coexistence (Concert, festival, competition)…

We Support

Support any artistic initiative in general and musical in particular; that promotes the love of the fatherland, peace and love between cameroonians…

Our aim is to promote patriotism via music.

The Founder Speech

Cameroon’s consubstantial diversity compels its citizens to open up and accept the difference. The urbans poles have become laboratories for the living together of communities which by the whole of the social transactions they operate hybridize each day a little more. However, openness and acceptance of the others are not obvious and although one is forced to open up, ignorance often leads to the closure and withdrawal of self and its original community. Far from being a fertilizer, others appear as a threat to me. This ignorance-induced closure is aggravated by competitive situations, in order to access or preserve its assets, the temptation, to surf the community fiber to beat the recall of troops is great. The presidential election of 2018; like that of 1992, often vaunted, then becomes imperiled as the risks of inter-community conflicts are real.

While identity irredentism threatens the fragile edifice of our living together, at a time when dismal owls on social networks and in the media are prophesying an inter-ethnic conflagration, it is important to remember the peaceful coexistence of communities is a construction that must be consolidated. This construction is today threatened by the engineering of hatred against a backdrop of ignorance and prejudices towards one another.

Gaby Shunt.

Our Projects

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01 – Anglos Na Francos

02 – Bloodshed No More

03 – One Love One People


Who We Are

We welcome all those who believe that by the multicity of its expressions and its ability to open up to the unedited worlds, music is an effective instrument to further promote living together and strengthen peace between the various cameroonian communities.

Our Leitmotiv

Love cameroon mission is to use the set of resources of the musical art to consolidate peace and living together in Cameroon.

Our Vision

Promote the live together in Music.

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Douala Makepe Bloc C, 150m from rond point Petit Pays
+237 678 936 259 / +237 658 748 405